Dear customer, please take a moment and read the following lines. is 100% Finnish webstore owned by Hasturin Antiikki Oy (Ltd)

We buy, sell and swap, militaria, decorations, surplus, collectibles and other interesting items or peculiar items.

We try to conduct our daily business with fairness, honesty and professionalism.

Our motley crew is run by me, the main-sergeant and 1st high-priest of million little items, Mr Janne Tervonen, friends and associates call me Tervonen ( the one whos first name should not be mentioned ), i am a long career scrap-dealer, gunsmith, soldier of misfortune and professional village fool.

Our employees have a strict opinion about publicity, we respect privacy and only mention that we have employees who wish to remain unidentified as such.

If we manage to serve you decently, and you find our business nice, we would appreciate if our customers would mention this to their friends.

Our stock is maybe not the most beautiful, high valued or rarest or even most wanted in this world, but many items are really unique, extremely rare or common as a boot, and you will not find many of these items from the lists of large international antique houses, but we like to offer them and the information with them that is not available anywhere else.

We value privacy, all communications, payment details and customer records are secret, we do not give any customer info to anyone, ever.

Since we are all Finns, and we know for certain you do not know Finnish language fluently, we try to offer our service in English too, but English is not our 1st language, we apologise in advance all misunderstandings, and if you see typos or grammar errors, feel free to tell us about it, we are not easily embarrassed due the lack of our skill in non-Finnish languages 

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