Items and their condition.

Items are usually rated as "good" in, we know there are other places where items are rated 0-x or sometimes rather peculiar ways ( like 

⅞π - √∞ ). Our items are good, and if the item has defects, it is rated lower than good ( decent, worn, broken...) and the description tells lots about the item.

Just to make things chaotic, we have this unissued rating, it really means an item that has never been used for its purpose, but unissued never means perfect, should one item rest in its box for 78 years, and the item has been handled once for each 4 years, it means the item has atleast 19 greasy and salty fingerprints on it, and they have caused corrosion, discoloring... and it the item has been dropped twice ( years 1963 ja 1981 ) that has left some marks on the item too.

And we have these Factory new items, they are new, usually colector supplies on something else that can be bought from any collectors supply store. These items have warranty and the never are collectibles.

We say an item to be a near mint, perfect or superb quite rarely, if you have a strong enough magnifying glass, there is always something wrong in the item.

All the items are sold as they come to us, we usually avoid cleaning, polishing and any other action, that might make the item less appealing for those customers who appreciate patina and dust, if you need clean polished item, please do it yourself, we are unwiling to take a risk and damage the items.

About the autheticity.

All items in are 100% genuine and original, if there is something fishy in the item, we tell it and the price is usually quite low. And if you purchase an item from us and you think it is not the real deal, and some respected authority values it as a fake, it is a rare occurence, we never do that kind of stunt intentionally. We never say item to be 100% original unless we are 100% sure.

During the years of work we have gathered lots of items, we have bought several collections, loads of interesting corporate and military surplus, remaining stocks, and other lots, so the items are often from different places.

Pictures of items and the available items on stock

Once you have received the item you ordered, it may or may not be the same item as was in picture, we have or had several of those items, and even you you buy a singular item it is possible we have acquired another. Item is always identical but not always the same. 

Items may be labeled as remaining stock or only few remaining, this means the item is going to be sold out, but it is also possible we allready know we are going to get more, and the item might be back on list in few days, it is also possible we had error in our stock.

Items, their size and physical properties.

We take some measurements of the items, i am a real gunsmith, so the small tolerances are not alien to me, but we are selling buttons, canvas patches and other collectibles, where life threatening situations are unlikely to occur even if there is some error in our measurements. We fix these issues as they pop up, but they will always be there.

One reason why the measurements might be off, is we are not considering them as the most vital thing, the items themselves and their authenticity is important to us. And we really hope the customers also know this to be the important thing.

If you really need exact measurement for some reason, ask them and we are happy to measure the item for you, it may take few days for us to do this, but we really are trying to serve our customers ( tell us if we succeed or not ).