Following payment methods are available. 

Paytrail by nets:

Most international credit cards, Sepa, mobile pay, and other services. Cookies must be allowed, site follow is mandatory. 

Verifone Blue Commerce:

Finnish banks SEPA, credit and debit cards. Cookies and site following must be allowed. 


Requires registration, international payment gateway


All credit cards. International.


Letters are regular letters without trace code, no refunds if lost in mail, trace methods are recommended. 

All  non-letter parcels and registered mail have track and trace, they are held by customs should the value exceed customs tax-free value. Should you not see any delivery method, either the weight or value of the shipment is over limits, or items are not for sale in your country. P.O. box address is not suitable delivery address for traceable parcels. 

If items or delivery method is not good for your invoice, we can alter it to a better one without notice. 

Outside EU only methods with e-customs are possible, no regular letters or non registered mail are possible for any commerce deliveries.