Bakelite canteen, issued
Bakelite canteen, issued Bakelite canteen, issued

Bakelite canteen, issued

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Bakelite canteen, issued

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Bakelite / aluminium canteens of unknown origin. 

We got these few years ago as trade ins and as we venture further in our project organizing the stores, we stumbled upon these. 

None of these have any stamps or other markings, but the model is very similar to Italian ( german ) canteen widely used in Afrika during ww2. And all materials and shape indicates these as ww2 equipment. 

The insides of thse bottles must be cleaned properly before any use as container for drinking water. Do not use any lye or chlorine or dishwasher. 


Decent condition. 

Lots of variation in color, cap and clasp.

70 mm
230 mm
150 mm
400 g
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