Posti on Strike

Suomen posti on lakossa 11.11. alkaen mahdollisesti viikkoja, mikäli haluatte tuotteenne toimitettavaksi jotakuinkin aikataulussaan, suosittelemme Matkahuoltoa kaikkiin tilauksiin toimitustavaksi.
Kirje ja postipakettitilauksetkin postitetaan, mutta niiden perille saapuminen kestää reilusti pidempään kuin lakon pituus. 

Pahoittelemme lakon aiheuttamia viivästyksiä. 


Finnish Postal Services are on strike, from 11.11.19 until further notice, we are able to post the ordered items, but there is no guarantee when the items will arrive, as the strike will cause serious overload for postal services which are  run by a minimal crew until the strike is done. 

Sorry for the inconvenience and delay. 

Some Ground mail parcels are possible in EU area, please choose Posti PC as delivery method. 

Overseas / Outside EU, we do not have any means for delivery at this moment, if you order items, they will be mailed end delivered in December. 

We will update this information as we are making some arrangements for alternative delivery methods.


Finnish Civil guard shoulder insignia.
Finnish Civil guard shoulder insignia.  Finnish Civil guard shoulder insignia.  Finnish Civil guard shoulder insignia.

Finnish Civil guard shoulder insignia.

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Finnish Civil guard shoulder insignia.

Availability 5 pc
Delivery time 2 - 10 workdays
Return time 7 days

Finnish Civil guard shoulder insignia. 

These are made from thick 2,25mm brass, all have split pin for fastening, origin of these is unknown, we do not sell these as original, it is likely these are manufactured for movie or theatrical use, even if they are exactly like original we seriously doubt their originality. 

All have scratches, minor dents and some are moderately tarnished, pins are on their place. 

Size: 28x25mm

Very good parts for a re-enactment uniform. 


Best available is delivered. 

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28 mm
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