Ammo Box, M2A1. NATO / US
Ammo Box, M2A1. NATO / US Ammo Box, M2A1. NATO / US Ammo Box, M2A1. NATO / US Ammo Box, M2A1. NATO / US

Ammo Box, M2A1. NATO / US

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Ammo Box, M2A1. NATO / US

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Issued ammunition boxes, very nice condition. 

The M2A1 box is made of rigid steel, lid has a waterproof seal.

All container are in very usable condition, only minor scratches and some other minor defects are possible. 

We sorted these boxes in two categories, the very good ones are almost like new, only some storage defects, most are only few years old, the slightly used versions have some small scratches, and possibly some extra labels, these are little bit older, up to 10 years. 

These boxes have a multitude of uses, storage box, lunch box, perfect DIY material as equipment frames, tool box for car trunk.... And if the coming nuclear war is an issue, electronics are safe inside of these, EMP will have less effect...

We recommend some light oil for the hinges and locking mechanism, they might be creaky after prolonged storage time. 

The labels and texts vary, there is boxes for 7,62, 5,56, .50cal and flares, the texts and labels are random. 


Steel construction

Very hard item to break.


Size: approx. 30×15×19cm

Weight: 2,6kg

190 mm
150 mm
300 mm
2600 g
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