17.6. - 31.10.2019

Olemme ottaneet sopimuksen n. 5kk kestävästä projektista, riittävän pitkän matkan päässä toimipaikasta.
17.6. alkaen. Lokakuun loppuun saakka olemme paikalla melko harvoin / satunnaisesti, yleisesti vain viikonloppuisin.
Pyrimme pakkamaan ja lähettämään tilaukset heti kun se on mahdollista, pyrimme pitämään viiveet lyhyinä, mutta toivomme että varaudutte viivästyksiin tilauksia tehdessänne. 

Kiitos kärsivällisyydestä.

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We have taken a contract for a off site project beginning 17th of June. Until the first days of November, we are in the office only occasionally, mostly on weekends.
We are trying to pack and deliver all invoices as soon as it is possible, we try to avoid prolonged delays, but please consider and prepare for delays while making an order.

Thank you for your patience. 


Finnish Army, collar tabs. Set of 4 random pairs.
Finnish Army, collar tabs. Set of 4 random pairs.

Finnish Army, collar tabs. Set of 4 random pairs.

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Finnish Army, collar tabs. Set of 4 pairs.

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Unissued and uncut pairs of collar tabs, original.

We bought several crates of this stuff back in the day when army was modernizing the uniforms, most of these are from 1980-1990 manufactured, but some are older and some colors are extinct.

Most of these are mixed in boxes, and we decided not to sort them out, even by color, as 95% are conscript tabs anyway. 

We will pick up the tabs as they are, it is fairly certain there is no rarities mixed in, as the beaches of service were the common ones, Artillery, air defense, communications, engineers, supply, air forces, cavalry, reserve officer school, coastal artillery.... 

If you are looking for a specific pair of tabs, there are not a good idea, we can not guarantee any color, or edge color or if there is fir twigs or not. 

Should there be a desire for specific tabs, they are sold by branch too.


Random color and edge style

Mostly 75mm without fir twigs

Buy in bulk, save money. 

20 mm
140 mm
130 mm
30 g
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