Picard 340gr claw hammer
Picard 340gr claw hammer Picard 340gr claw hammer

Picard 340gr claw hammer

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Finnish Army Picard 340gr claw hammer, issued, tower stamps.

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High quality Picard of Germany hammers. These are in after army condition. Some of these are black some not so much, some may have some Finnish Army tower stamp remnants, and these are used with variable success. The hammers were common in after war engineer and electrician bags of Finnish Defense Forces. 

Hammers are not known to wear out, but we discarded all with rust or broken shaft, and we sell only those in condition to work as a hammer for future years. 

Nämä eivät varmasti ole keräilyharvinaisuuksia, mutta Picardin vasarat ovat eräs tunnetuimmista ja laadukkaimmista saksalaisista työkaluista. 

We know these are not collectibles, but Picard hammers are widely known, old, german brand of highest quality hand tools. 




Hickory shaft

Weight 340gr 


Best in stock is delivered. 

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