Free item, random stuff.
Free item, random stuff.

Free item, random stuff.

$ 0.00

Free item. Will not be sent separately, must be part of real invoice.

Delivery time 2 - 10 workdays
Return time 7 days
Item number 000xxx

Dear customers, when you purchase anything, this is the item you can add to your order, this is free, items in this category are damaged, misused, so strange we do not dare to photograph them, or they are just the last piece of its kind, we know that sometimes the last piece will take 42 million years to sell, so its better to give them away.

For those who order surplus, we may add something mismatched, worn, damaged, single, unidentified, broken or repairable surplus to the package if the weight of the parcel is not compromised by this addition. The items are not total garbage, but just to help you avoid any devastating disappointments we can honestly say they are not good stuff...

If such item is in your invoice and you do not receive it, no worries, next time you make an invoice, please notify us about the missing Free Stuff in previous orders, we will send enough of this stuff readily, we are sometimes idiots here, or the weight of shipment was compromised last time. 

Once you have received this item, it is absolutely forbidden to send it back, there is no situation in this universe or timeline when you are allowed to send it back. 


These items are not sold separately.

Any complaints about this stuff are waste of time, and we may not be amused of such things. 

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1 mm
1 mm
5 g
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