Finnish sleeve patch, sissi ( guereilla, reconnaissance ), M/91

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Finnish army shoulder-sleeve patch.

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Unissued and uncut patch. M/91 (M/05) version, must be sewn to velcro. Sissi is finnish special unit of reconnaissance, anti-special force, guerilla tactics, asymmetric warfare and sabotage

The base color of patch defines the branch of service, symbols of the patch the training or specialist branch of training.

Base color:

Green = Infantry

Yellow = Cavalry / veterinary

Grey = medical

Blue = support

Airforce blue = airforce

Light blue = music

Red = artillery

Purple = technical and engineering

Black = Armour

Black/purple = chaplains

There has been countless of changes in army regulations and practises considering branch and training insignia, if you are after a certain era or certain type of patch or insignia, please contact us.

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