Random button. Xmm
Random button. Xmm

Random button. Xmm

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Random button.

Availability 344 pcs
Delivery time 2 - 10 workdays
Return time 7 days
Item number 000xxx-1

We always have some buttons in boxes labeled "not identified" or "unknown, airlines?" and they tend to stay that way until the next ice-age or other incident in distant future hits us, so we gathered them in a bucket ( few of them ) and they are ready to be sold.

These buttons are sometimes gilt, sometimes copper, nickel, stay-brite, brass, bronze... diameter of 9-30mm and from a place and time in human history, all are manufactured by somebody. 

Buttons are picked from the bucket randomly and added to your order without any inspection. 

If you identify your button (s) feel free to notify us, but this is entirely volunteer. 

If the button is not your liking, we do not change them, swap them or refund unless entire order is cancelled. 

If multiple buttons are ordered it is possible to have copies of same button. 

These buttons may have small defects or manufacturing defects.

Non or all of the buttons in picture may be in your order. 

EDIT 2021

We sold tens of kilos of this stuff to our friend and colleague, and we are now left with very marginal set of this, this has been very popular, but the bottom of the last bucket is starting to show. 

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