17.6. - 15.10.2019

Olemme ottaneet sopimuksen n. 4kk kestävästä projektista, riittävän pitän matkan päässä toimipaikasta.
17.6. alkaen. Lokakuun puoleen väliin saakka olemme paikalla melko harvoin / satunnaisesti, yleisesti vain viikonloppuisin.
Pyrimme pakkamaan ja lähettämään tilaukset heti kun se on mahdollista, pyrimme pitämään viiveet lyhyinä, mutta toivomme että varaudutte viivästyksiin tilauksia tehdessänne. 

Kiitos kärsivällisyydestä.

-h ( itze )

We have taken a contract for a off site project beginning 17th of June. Until the first half of October, we are in the office only occasionally, mostly on weekends.
We are trying to pack and deliver all invoices as soon as it is possible, we try to avoid prolonged delays, but please consider and prepare for delays while making an order.

Thank you for your patience. 


Random token
Random token

Random token

0,81 €
Including VAT. 0.00 %

Random token.

Availability 24 pc
Delivery time 2 - 10 workdays
Return time 7 days
Item number 000xxx-2

We have tokens that we are not willing to identify, either there is very little to start with, or there is only one of them, and it is really not worth of the trouble. 

These tokens are collected in a box, and we sell them as random items. 

These tokens may or may not have manufacturers stamps, they may or may not have text, punching or other markings.

Diameter is 10mm to 50mm

These are made of metal.

If you decide to add one of these in to your order, we take it from the box without any inspection. 

These tokens cannot be swapped, changed or refunded unless entire order is cancelled. 

There might be multiples of same token and none or all af the tokens of the picture may or may not be in the order. 

1 mm
50 mm
50 mm
3 g
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