Terms of service

It is important to clarify and firmly state, that hastur.fi does not support, sympathize, promote, or tolerate pro-Nazi statements or ideas. We strongly oppose statements and sentiments that may glorify or promote the ideals of Nazism. We do not support, promote or tolerate war, racism, anti-semitism, any political, religious or social ideology. Our purpose is to sell collectibles to our customers.

All prices are in EUR, including all taxes.

Terms of service

Valid from 1.1.2019.

Full hastur.fi service, delivery and refund terms.

Hastur.fi is Hasturin Antiikki Oy ( Ltd ) owned webshop.

Following terms and conditions are applied to all hastur.fi business.

13 most important terms:

  • We are doing this business in spirit of fairness and honesty, we hope you do the same.
  • All items are genuine, if any question af originality arises, hastur.fi has sold this item in good faith without fraud or deceit.
  • Items and prices are as they are in our stock index.
  • All items are sold as they are, we do not polish, clean or fix items, used or issued item is used and issued, unissued is unissued even if it has wear or defects, meaning only it has never been used.
  • We accept direct payment to our account, Paypal, Mash and credit cards.
  • Delivery is via Finnish Post or Couriers / Shipit to outside Finland, and DB, Post or Matkahuolto to Finland.
  • Hastur.fi reserves the right to cancel any prepayment order if payment is not made within 7 days.
  • All items have 7 days return policy, this policy is applied to all purchases unless otherwise stated in the description of the item. Returned item must be the same and in same condition as it was when delivered, any cleaning, use, wear or alteration is prohibited.
  • All returns by mail only, at customers expence, hastur.fi has to be noted before any returns are made.
  • Refunds are made only after we have received the items back.
  • Corporate orders are not automatically entitled to any refunds, hastur.fi has be contacted first
  • Customers have to be full age, minors may not issue any order.
  • Warranty or any harm done by altering, modification or misuse of item is void, hastur.fi claims no responsibily of such actions and their results.

Detailed terms:

Placing an order:

  • When order is placed customer is required to inform valid address, e-mail, name, and phone number.
  • Corporate customer is also required to inform the name of company, contact person, email, address, VAT or other tax-id number and valid phone number.
  • Costomer has to agree all currently valid terms of service.
  • Current terms of servise are always stated at hastur.fi homepage.
  • hastur.fi:in collects customer registry, all information is confidential, hastur.fi will not sell or deliver any information to anyone.
  • All communications are done by e-mail.
  • After order is placed, hastur.fi will confirm valid order, after confirmation orders may be altered or cancelled, after payment is received and order is shipped, any changes are not possible.
  • hastur.fi is not responsible to any limitation issued by government of customers home country, before you order any material of questionnable nature check you local legislation
  • all items are sold as they are, read description and use common sense, you can always ask us if any question arises about the items nature.
  • If the goods are unacceptable to customer, all items or the item must be returned within 7 days after items are received.
  • If the item has obvious defect, that can be seen in picture of the items and it is clearly noted in price and description of the item it is possible for hastur.fi claim no resposibility.
  • hastur.fi is not responsible of any information found anywhere else.
  • hastur.fi reserves the right to choose our customers, and cancel any invoice, should there be any suspicion of the customers agenda. 
  • hastur.fi reserves all rights to cancel any order within 7 days if payment is not made.
  • hastur.fi is not responsible of any harm, loss or damage caused by surplus items, clothing or equipment, all surplus is sold as they are, from any consequences of use the responsibility is applied to the customer. 
  • all surplus may or may not be usable in its original or new purpose


  • Stated prices include VAT and other taxes.
  • Shipping prices have VAT and other taxes included.
  • All prices on our website are applied to orders made from our webshop, any other orders may have extra charges.
  • In the rare event of price of an item changes while it is in customers shopping cart or waiting order, the original price is used..
  • All information is considered as it is, if the received item and given information have remarkable difference, customer may return all products for full refund.
  • If pricing stated in hastur.fi is clearly made in error, hastur.fi reserves the "right to cancel the order for obvious error", for example it is not intentional to sell a medal worth of 1000€ for 10,00€, nor can we accept a 900€payment for 0,90€ button, should a customer find out this kind of error, we would appreciate the info.


  • hastur.fi will start the delivery of invoice in 0 to 4 days, holidays, and other reasons may delay this. After we ship the order it may take up to 21, days for items to arrive, the postal services work in different speed in different countries.
  • if you send items to us for any reason, keep the tracking number or receit of the shipment for safety reasons.
  • Should there be an error in our stock, and/or we are not able to deliver all the items in one shipment, we will contact customer, we reserve the right to cancel the invoice if the item(s) are not available in reasonable time or the error affects availability for most of the items. 

Terms of payment:

  • Payments can be done with credit cards, Mash, PayPal, Stripe, or direct payment to our account.
  • Some of the payment methods may require registration to our system or payment service providers system.
  • Direct payments should be done immediatelly, hastur.fi reserves the right to cancel the order if payment is not done in 7 days.
    Currently we accept following payment methods. Finnish banks transfer: Osuuspankki, Sampo, Tapiola, Aktia, Nooa, Nordea, Paikallisosuuspankit, Säästöpankit, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken and S-Pankki. Payment service is provided by Finqu-pay. Any foreingn bank trasfer is also accepted, customer pays all expences of direct transfers should they be applied by your bank. Finnish web payment servise is provided by Finqu-pay / Verifone in co-op with finnish credit and banking corporations.

Returns and refunds:

  • All items have 7 ( 14 days in finland ) days return police, if such possidility does not exist on certain items, it is clearly noted in the description of the item.
  • Return policy is applied only to items thet are in same condition they were when we sipped them.
  • Please open the shipment with care, customer has all rights to inpect the ordered items, bu doing so should not damage any items.
  • Cutomer returns are free in Finland, outside finland customers must will pay the postage or freight of returns, items have 100% refund, we do not have contracts with outside finland postal services, free customer return is not possible outside finland.
  • If you return your order in letter, maximum of refund is the original cost of the postal fee ( finland only), high value items should be sent registered or insured, refunds are not done if the shipment is lost, returning items without track and trace is done only at customers own risk.
  • Your right to return the items starts when you receive the shipment, after the 7 days are gone, your right to return the items is exipered ( 14 days in finland).
  • NOTICE! Leaving your parcel unclaimed from post office ( or other service provider ) or returning it without noticing us, cancels your right to full refund, this is stated in Finnish law and can be enforced.
  • Should we get information of unclaimed shipment, and it requires customer action in order to be returned or destroyed, inaction automatically cancel the right for refund. Hastur.fi will only refund items returned to us, original shipping and the cost of return will be subtracted from refund.
  • Returned shipment will be refunded, should customer wish re-shipping of items, completely new invoice is required.


  • 7 days from delivery ( 14 in finland ), follow the instructions given in hastur.fi.
  • Customer returns made as payment on delivery or other means not accepted by us is not allowed, we do not claim any shipments returned like this.
  • When ever you send anything to us for any reason, remember to protect the items and use postal services proof package, damaged shipments are not accepted.
  • Please attach a note in side the returning parcel with following information: Your name and address, number of the order, and your account number for refund, or list of the items tou wish to have in change, we also would appreciate the same info to our e-mail.
  • In finland you should return your shipment to the same place you got it from, postal shipments to post office and matkahuolto parcels to matkahuolto.
  • Sending items back to us in unwarranted way, may void your right to refund and we will charge any expences from customer.
  • If returning items are damaged or altered refund can not be done.
  • Your right to return item applies to one item at a time, should another item from same or later order be delayd, it does not prolong your right to return the items(s) beyond the 7 day limit ( 14 in Finland ).


Notice: please contact us first before ruturning anything. Warranty is applied only to Factory new items, the warranty is not applied to any collectors items, unissued, issued, or other state of old item. The status of Factory new is stated on the item description.

  • Factory new items have the law stated 6 months of warranty .
  • Warranty starts at the date of receipt, and ends at the end of thet time, change or replacement of the items does not prolong the original warranty.
  • If the manufacturer, importer or wholeseller of the product has issued a warranty for the item, hastur.fi is responsible of that as stated in 5th paragraph of consumer protection law.
  • As stated in law, consumer must notice the seller as soon as the defect is noticed or it should have been noticed.
  • We do not claim, unpaid, pay per delivery or other charges of warranty returns, in warranty issues pleas contact hastur.fi first.

Delivery, product information errors, compatibility and other reclamations

  • Contact us first.
  • As stated in law, consumer must contact us as soon as the defect is detected, or it should have been detected.
  • Possible reclamations must be done in e-mail, cutomers name and address, date of purchase, delivery and number of receipt should be informed in reclamation. Incemplete issues are not handled.
  • Possible defects in compatibility must be solved within 7 days of receiving the shipment, hastur.fi is not responsible for incompatibility errors of items purchased from elsewhere of from hastur.fi, compatibility errors are not automatically acceptable reason for refund.

Congratulations, you managed to read a really long legal mumbo-jumbo to its end.

Rest assured, we are nice, we treat our customers in fair way, we are a trustworthy crew, we really hate to state these legal issues, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

We know that 99,9999% of our customers are wonderful people with rich personalities and holders incredible knowledge ( often better than ours ) of these items, we respect them and there is extremely rarely any hard issues, we usually ask no questions, if item was not your liking, just note us, send it back and trade to other item or take the money, we are not offended by that.

Send questions and feedback to us.